Ahh the joy of sanity checks. This mods brings nothing new feature wise, it only adds some bug fixes.  I had a nice array of all the train stops and updated it when the appropriate events was triggered, the only problem was that they are not triggered if the change happens in code. And when… Read More

So not long after updating the mod Factorio released bugfix #5 and with that came changes that made v1.1.0 incompatible. It was however a not a huge change and thanks to credomane the fix was quick. Therefore a bugfix with no new features is ready for you all. Download it on the Github or the Factorio mod portal.… Read More

So with a new big release there have been a few bugs to work out, but now they are all gone and the first version for 0.13 have been released. With 0.13 came also the new modportal so the mod has also been released there, and the forum post will most likely not be updated… Read More

So you would like to always have the latest version of the mods that you use, but having to check the forums all the time can be a bit tedious. Therefore i now give you the possibility to receive an email when i release a new version. You will not receive any spam from me,… Read More

Ok, so this post is a bit delayed due to me being busy, but i wanted you to have the update so i focused on getting that out there, then this post could come when i had time, which is now. First i will go over the features added in the 1.0.0 release, and then… Read More

The files that are in the normal download might not always contain all of the latest features, if something has been developed but not released yet. If you however still want to get the brand spanking new features this little guide shows you how to do it. The first thing to do however is to… Read More

In the next update of Shuttle Train the following features are going to be released. If you can’t wait, read here how to.… Read More

A new version of Shuttle Train is out, and this version is all thanks to Roktaal on the Factorio forums. This update is purely aesthetics, but some much needed ones. The most noticeable one is that the ingame entity has gotten a makeover to match the icon.… Read More

So i’ve been working on a mod for Factorio called Shuttle Train. What it very simply is, is a mod that allows you to quickly travel to a train station in your rail network.… Read More

My newest projekt is a new app based on Tetris, but it’s not restricted to only turn 90 degrees at a time. Instead you have 360 degrees of free rotation, and all the pieces are affected by gravity. The game is still in a very early state and only have the basics functionality implemented. You… Read More