The files that are in the normal download might not always contain all of the latest features, if something has been developed but not released yet. If you however still want to get the brand spanking new features this little guide shows you how to do it. The first thing to do however is to check if there are any new features ready for the next update, else you would be wasting your time. You can find a list of new features here.

Alright if there are new features ready that you need to have, here is how you get them. First you go to the github page for the projekt. Here you first make sure that “Branch” is set to master. The master branch is the most stable one, where features are added to when they are presumed stable, other branches might have newer features, but they are then not considered stable and you should be very cautious about downloading them. In general when downloading “pre-releases” you should always backup your save.

When you have confirmed that you are on the rigt branch go ahead and download by clicking the “Download ZIP” button.

You should new get a file named something like “”. The next thing you need to do is go into your mod directory, which you, on windows, can find by opening exporer and entering “%appdata%/factorio/mods” into the navigation bar.

In this directory you need to delete any existing version of Shuttle Train and then create a folder called exactly “ShuttleTrain_0.0.1”

You now open the zip file and the folder that is in the root of it, you should now have something like this. I use WinRAR to open my zip files.

You now copy everything from that directory in the zip file into the folder we just created under mods and voila, you have now installed the latest version of Shuttle Train. When you in game look at the mod version you now appear to be running it will say 0.0.1 even though the mod is updated past that. This is due to github not liking folder names being changed, so for all development builds the version number is left af 0.0.1, this does however not affect the contents of the mod.

If you have any problem leave a comment below or on the factorio forums. You can also email me directly at