Ok, so this post is a bit delayed due to me being busy, but i wanted you to have the update so i focused on getting that out there, then this post could come when i had time, which is now.

First i will go over the features added in the 1.0.0 release, and then i will go over bugfix 1.0.1. The change log will be at the bottom of the post.


So the first new thing that was added was an update to the GUI, so that it now contains a filter box.

Typing anything into this box will shorten the list to only contain stations of that name. It’s simple to use just type it in and the list updates automatically, once every second. The list is now also sorted alphabetically so that the stations no longer just show up in an arbitrary order. Big thanks to Stanfear for developing this filtering system.

An other new feature that has been added is a shuttle train call button, that looks like this:

And sits in the top left corner. If you click this button you will be presented with the normal train GUI, but if you click on a station now, it will send the nearest train to that station. That way if you are away from your base and you need to get back quickly, you just ask for a train to your station and it will come to you at full speed.


v1.0.1 is only a bugfix so any it’s explained with just the change log below. If you experience any bugs or if you have feature suggestions, make sure to send them to me either on the forum post or by submitting an Issue on the GitHub. The Issues can also be used for suggestions.


  • v.1.0.0
    • Station filtering
    • Alphabetically sorted train station list
    • Call button to get the train to come to you
  • v.1.0.1
    • Fixed crash bug reported here
    • Fixed multiple shuttles being sent to stations with the same name
    • Fixed certain chars in statioins names would crash
    • Distance check is now done so that it’s the train nearest the station not the player