So with a new big release there have been a few bugs to work out, but now they are all gone and the first version for 0.13 have been released. With 0.13 came also the new modportal so the mod has also been released there, and the forum post will most likely not be updated anymore, the same goes for the site for the mod. With this new update came also a new train model, but one thing that is different with this one is that it supports a color input, therefore this mod no longer uses its own textures, but just sets the color for the standard train model. This also enables you to change the color of the train yourself. That means the train now look like this:

Other than that not much has changes besides some minor features that you can see in the changelog below.


  • Updated for version 0.13
  • Changed train to use the 0.13 train model, but still in green
  • Changed stacksize from 1 to 5
  • Made the train reset to manual mode upon arrival at destination station
  • German translation, courtesy of bNarFProfCrazy