Ping Pong is an app for android. In this app you can play the classic TV-game Pong.

The graphics are simple and the black background makes it ideal to play in the dark.

You can play Pong against the your friends or your phone, and if that gets old, you can see how long you are able to keep the ball alive in the intense wall mode.

It’s a very simple app so don’t expect to be entertained for hours. If you happen to be somewhere without internet, it’s a fun small app to pass the time.

Get it on Google Play

Do you want the newest first? Then join the alfa program, and help test the app, as well as getting the newest features first.
Currently the alfa version is a complete rewrite of the app, so that it now runs in Unity. There is also the functionality that the ball don’t just move 45 degrees all the time.
Click here to join now.

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