Ahh the joy of sanity checks. This mods brings nothing new feature wise, it only adds some bug fixes.  I had a nice array of all the train stops and updated it when the appropriate events was triggered, the only problem was that they are not triggered if the change happens in code. And when… Read More

So not long after updating the mod Factorio released bugfix #5 and with that came changes that made v1.1.0 incompatible. It was however a not a huge change and thanks to credomane the fix was quick. Therefore a bugfix with no new features is ready for you all. Download it on the Github or the Factorio mod portal.… Read More

So with a new big release there have been a few bugs to work out, but now they are all gone and the first version for 0.13 have been released. With 0.13 came also the new modportal so the mod has also been released there, and the forum post will most likely not be updated… Read More